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Tiffany Taylor Scam? / Guy Gets Girl Scam?

Guy Gets Girl Scam? Tiffany Taylor Scam? – DEFINITELY A SCAM. These materials are just worthless pieces of nothing. Generalized data. Nothing specific. Most of it is not even written by Tiffany. Most of her materials are written by a man, Woody Wilcox. This is one of the more expensive products (I paid $60 for it) and you get a 63 page double spaced book with 1 ¾ margins on each side and you can tell they are just trying to take up space so they can justify the money they are taking from you.

They give you several books and access to a website with lots of data on it, but this is a marketing ploy aimed at trying to convince unsuspecting guys that a woman can give better advice about meeting women than a man.

Still if you have a lot of money and you don’t mind spending it,there may be a few pointers of value from Tiffany’s female perspective, but very little.

If you are a guy looking for a systemt that will work stand alone,  don’t waste your money on this one. THIS IS A SCAM! = 1

SCAM RATINGS  – is it a scam?   10 = NO 1 = YES (in between = degree of maybe)

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DISCLOSURE: In case you are wondering. I get paid affiliate commissions if you buy books from links on my site, now of course I appreciate if you would use my links, but here is the disclosure:

The Tao Of Bad Ass (Joshua Pellicier) pays me ~ $50.
Pandora's Box Core System (Vin DiCarlo) pays me ~ $45,
Double Your Dating (Deangelo) pays me ~ $40,
Guy Gets Girl (Taylor) pays me ~ $40,
Routines Manual 2 (Love Systems) pays me ~ $30
Dating To Relating From A to Z (Mr. L. Rx) pays me ~ $20;
Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries pay me nothing.

As you can see my reviews do not correlate with how much I get paid. Keep these affiliate commissions in mine when you read other reviews, as some reviews are not made to honestly inform you, but only to maximize profits.

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