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Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction

Ross Jeffries’ materials are definitely NOT a stand alone recommendation. However, if used in addition to Mr. L. Rx and/or David Deangelo’s materials it delves into some areas and gives you some ideas that can be used in conjunction with their better approach and techniques.

Jeffries book “How To Get The Women You Desire into Bed” can be said to be outdated, timeless, trashy, and inspiring all at the same time.

Again, like most of the other Gurus, his techniques are NOT situational. They don’t and won’t work on all types of women. And they won’t work for ALL guys who read his book or visit his web site.

They will and do work on a certain kind of women. (I think they may work best on women who are “gamers” and try to manipulate men.) But again this is not the kind of woman I am really interested in.

And the book and some of his website materials may be good for “nice guys” who need to raise their confidence level and learn how NOT to let women walk all over them. His materials focus on self respect quite a bit.

His website is more up to date than his book. Like David DeAngelo he has extensive information on his website which is valuable in itself. But like David he just hasn’t put the understanding of women and relationships together as well as Mr. L. Rx.

I like his information on how to get a women’s attention and how to appeal to women and his data on “mirroring.” The “mirroring” data is the main reason I include Jeffries as a recommendation as I find it fits nicely into working with Mr. L. Rx’s situational approach above.

His NLP and Hypno-seduction techniques I find a bit controversial and some may wonder about the ethics of it all. Personally, ethics aside, I didn’t like the type of women that this stuff works on. Like David DeAngelo’s “cocky and funny” his NLP and Hypno-seduction techniques may work on a certain kind of woman, but chances are you won’t like the kind of women it works on. It might get you laid, but it won’t get you a relationship.

Though Jeffries has been training men longer than any other Guru out there, His understanding of ALL women isn’t there. There is a lot of truth in his data, but he is focusing on a certain type of women and doesn’t quite get the situational approach of Mr. L. Rx. This isn’t a system that will work for ALL guys – Mr. L. Rx’s system is a system that will work for ALL guys and ALL types of girls.

In final analysis I repeat Ross Jeffries materials are not recommended as a stand alone product. If you can only get one book, then get “Dating To Relating” by Mr. L. Rx. If you can afford two, then add on “Double Your Dating” by David DeAngelo. That is all you really need, but if you are a student of the science and you want to get some additional ideas that might be helpful, then I recommend Ross Jeffries as an addition after your library, either before or after you check out Mystery and Neil Strauss.

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