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Mr. L. Rx – Dating To Relating

Dating To Relating – from A to Z

Absolutely the BEST product out there.

The education you get from this book is tops. No matter what you are looking for you will get the answers here. If you want quick brainless techniques – they are here. If you want sophisticated intellectual understanding of women – it is here. It is not just a bunch of pick up lines, and techniques (although it gives you that too.) It is a complete education about women and what works.

You will get the attitude, skills and knowledge that you need to handle your OWN personal situation from this book. Most of the other gurus just give you what worked for them, and and though their systems may work, the other guru’s systems fall short of telling you how to apply it to your own situation (unless you just happen to be exactly like them.)

What is unique about this book is that the techniques presented are SITUATIONAL and will work for any type of guy and they will work on any type of girl that you are interested in. So if you want to purchase a book that will have a very high probability of actually working for you, this is it. For Example, I have a friend who is a Pick Up Artist who has had sex with 1000s of women – He loved this book and learned a lot from it to improve his game.  I have another friend who has never read anything and hadn’t gone on a date in 10 or 15 years or so. He also loved it. He went out and had instant success the first night after reading it.

That is what we liked about this book and system. None of the other books and systems we reviewed had total SITUATIONAL data that covers ALL situations. The author, Mr. L.Rx, does not give you just one brainless technique of how to hit up on women in bars or clubs, or on the internet, or how to be successful with one personality type. He covers it all. From bars and clubs, to on the street, in the store, on the internet, etc.

Not only does Mr. L. Rx tell you how to meet women. He tells you how to meet different kinds of women with different kinds of personalities in different kinds of situations. No one else really does this.

Then he goes on and tells you how to attract them, date them, seduce them and establish the exact kind of relationship you are looking for. HE EVEN TELLS YOU HOW TO KEEP A GIRL YOU MEET. He tells you how to make relationships last and turn a girlfriend into a marriage. And for those of you who are interested – he even tells you how to have 5 of 6 girlfriends and keep them ALL without lying to any of them.

NONE of the other GURUS even venture into the RELATIONSHIP data. More importantly he shows you that “meeting women” and “keeping” them are related. The things you do while meeting women can determine if you will have a successful relationship or not.

Probably the best thing is he tells you how to develop your own technique, so you don’t have to do idiotic things that you don’t feel comfortable with. Personally I’m not in to super hot chicks, because most of the time they are just super “bitches.” I like the average girl, the girl next door. Mr. L. Rx’s writings allowed me to develop my own technique for these type of girls. And none of the techniques I read in other books worked on the kind of girls that I liked. In fact some of the other techniques “blew them away.”

I repeat this is absolutely the most complete and comprehensive product out there. And make sure you get his companion eReport “How I Got 700 Dates In One Year.” Unlike the book, it is just a “system” for meeting women in mass. It focuses on internet and personal ad sites to generate as many dates a day as you want. And just like his book, it works.
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DISCLOSURE: In case you are wondering. I get paid affiliate commissions if you buy books from links on my site, now of course I appreciate if you would use my links, but here is the disclosure:

The Tao Of Bad Ass (Joshua Pellicier) pays me ~ $50.
Pandora's Box Core System (Vin DiCarlo) pays me ~ $45,
Double Your Dating (Deangelo) pays me ~ $40,
Guy Gets Girl (Taylor) pays me ~ $40,
Routines Manual 2 (Love Systems) pays me ~ $30
Dating To Relating From A to Z (Mr. L. Rx) pays me ~ $20;
Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries pay me nothing.

As you can see my reviews do not correlate with how much I get paid. Keep these affiliate commissions in mine when you read other reviews, as some reviews are not made to honestly inform you, but only to maximize profits.

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